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Be You is an apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit that addresses youth and stimulate the personal development of them through art, culture, history, sports and creativity. Be You opens its doors to all who wish to participate actively in the realization of our purposes.

We support the development of young people!

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Be You Association - Youth and Sport NGO

 young man with confidence in himself, becomes an active citizen, involved in the social process. Starting from this belief, the Be You Association wants to strengthen the self-confidence of the young participants in our projects, so that they can choose the activity that suits them most, based on the best path in life. To this end we provide a formal framework of actions for youth, and any suggestion, idea of organizing a program, actions or activities, is welcomed and will be supported by us if it is consistent with the mission of the Be You. Activities in the framework of Be You is performed by PROJECTS. Each project has a team made up of members of the organisation and young people from the group who came up with the project proposal. Ideas that fall within the sphere of activity of the organization will receive from us the necessary support for the realization of the project.

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Be You Association has been awarded the "Excellence Award for the Promotion of European Spirituality and Values" by the European Institute of Romania.

Wednseday, on 13th December 2017, took place the Annual Conference of the European Institute of Romania at Hotel Intercontinental, Rhapsody Hall, organized under the aegis of the public debate campaign dedicated to the preparation of the Presidency of Romania at the EU Council and set out to focus on the role and the importance that youth can have in both, the preparation process and during the term of the Presidency.We have been honored by the EIR's invitation to attend this high-level conference together with important political figures, experts in international relations, European affairs and communication like Leonard Orban - Presidential Advisor for European Affairs, Victor Negrescu - Deputy Minister for European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marius Dunca -  Minister of Youth and Sports, Lazăr Bogdan - State Secretary, Ministry of Public Consultation and Social Dialogue, Professor Ph.D Gabriela Drăgan -  Director General of the European Institute of Romania, Professor Ph.D Alina Bârgăoanu - Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations Bucharest, Mihai Dragoș – President of Youth Council of Romania, Miruna Andreea Balosin – Lecturer PHd, Faculty of European Studies, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Radu Godeanu – Vicepresident of UGIR.

At the event, Be You Association was awarded the "Excellence Award for the Promotion of European Spirituality and Values" a distinction meant to appreciate our projects in the field of European affairs and the promotion of European identity and values among young people.

We thank to The European Institute of Romania for this high appreciation, we thank to our partners who support us and also, we thank to young people who are increasingly involved in our projects and give us strength through their energy and desire to be involved.

We take this opportunity to address our good thoughts with the Winter Holidays occasion and we wish you a happy 2018, full of good deeds and involvement. See you in 2018 with more project, with more dedication. Happy New Year!

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