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    Be You 3x3 Challenge 2018 - 8-9 September, Targoviste, Romania

    Be You 3x3 Challenge 2018 is one of the most important international tournaments of 3x3 basketball in Romania.

    The most complex event of our until now, which will have over 700 people involved, enter into the fever of the preparations...DETAILS


    Spectacular and innovative, 3x3 basketball is inspired by many streetball plays around the world and is considered the world's number one sport as table sport. FIBA turned this game into a real show, becoming extremely attractive to the audience around the world.

    In addition to the Continental Championships and the World Championships, FIBA ​​organizes and supports national events that are part of the 3x3 World Tour. Our events are part of the FIBA ​​3x3 World Tour participating players pointing to the 3x3 world ranking, and next year the winners of some categories will qualify directly for external tournaments. Another important event is FIBA ​​AllStars where they are the best players in the world. The 3x3 Basket is already present at the Youth Olympic Games and was introduced in the Asian Games and since 2017 has become Olympic discipline, the Tokyo2020 Olympic Games being the first competition.
    In Romania, the 3x3 basketball is in full swing and we are happy to be on the select list of FIBA ​​supported (support let.pdf) to organize such events. The Romanian 3x3 basketball players are among the first in the world rankings of the competition, Romania having a European champion title.

    We, in recent years, have supported and promoted this discipline among young Dambovites and we are proud that our teams are recognized as one of the best in the country. We want to increase the level of basketball 3x3 in our county, to attract sponsors and local authorities so that together we will become one of the most important 3x3 basketball tournaments and our teams will be in the top European and world rankings. Be You Streetball Challenge is a trademark of the Be You Association and the teams we support play in national and international championships and tournaments with the name AllStar.

    Another reason why we decided to engage in this sport activity is that through the spectacular 3x3 phenomenon we manage to bring as many children, young and adult as possible to the home, people whose predominant activity is the state of the computer and sedentary. Thus, we want to attract them to sport to help create a society with more active, healthy, involved and responsible citizens.
    Since 2017 we have been organizing international tournaments, managing to bring teams from four continents, Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Starting in 2018, we will organize tours outside Romania, the first being in Portugal.

    Besides sports activities, the Be You Association promotes intercultural exchanges among young people from all over the world, organizes trainings, workshops, seminars, camps, thematic excursions, informal and non-formal learning programs, various cultural activities, volunteering (with the involvement of the European Volunteering), travel programs and, last but not least, Be You are a place where young people can freely express their opinions and ideas about events taking place locally, nationally and internationally.

    The BeYou Streetball Challenge is one of the steps to our goal and we invite you to support us in our organized activities.

    Everyone who decides to join us in addition to our spiritual and moral satisfaction will be promoted in our competitions and events, posters, banners, t-shirts on our sites through dynamic advertisements on the FIBA ​​website, social networks, audio/video spots, mention of presenter sponsors in competitions, etc.

    Official FIBA ​​Endorsed Events organized by us:

    Prizes won by our teams at basketball competitions3x3:

    • 3rd place category -18Feminin - AllStar Streetball WomenChallenge
    • 1st place category - OpenFeminin - Câmpulung Cup 3rd edition
    • 3rd place category -18Feminine - Sport ArenaStreetball Stage ÎI
    • 2nd place category -15Feminine - 3x3 Euro TourEuropean Championship
    • 2nd place category -15Feminin - SAS MasterBucuresti
    • 2nd place category -15Feminine - Sports ArenaStreetball Stage ÎI
    • 1st place category -15Feminine - Sport ArenaStreetball Stage I
    • 3rd place category -15Feminine - Wizz Air SASMaster
    • 1st place category -15Feminine - Wizz Air SAWS
    • 2nd place category -15Feminin - 3x3 Eurotour WizzAir Bucharest
    • 1st place category - OpenFeminin - Câmpulung Cup 2nd edition
    • 2nd place category + 30 Male - Raiffeisen Bank 3x3Battleground
    • 2nd place - 14 mixed - YouthBank Cup
    • 3rd place - 18 Mixed - YouthBank Cup
    • 1st place category - Open Mixt - Beyou Challenge Targoviste
    • 1st place category -18Feminin - Ploieşti Streetball
    • 2nd place category -18Feminine - POLITEHNICA STREETBALL

    Be You sport events in press:


    Meda Park main sponsor

    Meda Park Winter Cup

    Exiting the economic sphere, corporate social responsibility is distinguished by philanthropic acts and active involvement in the social life of the community in which they operate. The philanthropic spirit and social responsibility of Meda Park is reflected in the Targovishte community and by the support to Be You sponsoring basketball tournaments aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, sports and struggle with statistics that show us that 60% of the POPULATION ROMANIA has never practiced sport or physical activity and that in our country there are only 12,474 LEGITIMATE SPORTS STUDENTS. Also, the tournaments have an important educational role by creating activities that promote the development of civic sense by engaging in social and voluntary actions. At the same time, young talented tournaments will delight the audience with artistic moments, the sport field becoming a ramp for their promotion .

    Thanks to Meda Park for support and involvement!

    Support Be You Association


    Donate directly to the account of the association Be You, CIF 35276581:

    RO38BTRLRONCRT0325795201 - Ron

    RO85BTRLEURCRT0325795201 - Euro


    Make up on 25 may 2018 2% forms if you are an employee, pfa, etc. - details HERE.


    Choose to get involved with us by sponsoring the Association Be You with 20% of the tax of the firm - details HERE.


    Via PayPal, quickly and securely with a credit card:

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