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    AllStar Targoviste - 3x3 Basketball Team

    AllStar – participation in competitions in 2017

    Meda Park Winter Cup 2017, 9 - 10 December

    AllStar end of the year winning the Open category of the last stage of the FIBA Word Tour in 2017. Their thoughts are heading into next year, the year in which they wish to participate in international competitions because they feel able to demonstrate all their value and they want to bring the fame of our association and the city of Targoviste. We hope we can fulfill your desire and we will very soon sponsors to the n-e allows this step.


    Be You Streetball Challenge 2017, 29 - 30 July

    Vice-champions at this edition after a final highly disputed in that the two teams were first on the board.


    Bacau Streetball Challenge, 15 - 16 July

    During our girls tournaments basketball 3x3 is an impressive one. A new stage of the circuit of the world basketball FIBA 3x3 Word Tour, new victories for the AllStar Targoviste. At Bacau, our team participated in two categories, obtaining the first place of the podium in the category under 18 years and becoming vice-champion in the category of seniors, Open...DETAILS


    Baneasa Streetball, 30 June - 2 July, Bucharest

    AllStar Targoviste, the team of the Be You Association, after a truly fabulous that he had beaten all the teams encountered, gets a new title of champion in the category female under 18 years of age...DETAILS


    3x3 League, Bucharest

    Our team, AllStar Targoviste debuted at the 3x3 League Romania, first championship 3x3 basketball in our country. Even if none of the components of the team do not have more than 17 years, their participation was a successful one ending the championship on the podium, 3rd place is more than an honor for the kids entered in the competition with teams with more experience... DETAILS


    AllStar – participation in competitions in 2016

    In the course of update


    AllStar – participation in competitions in 2015

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