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Be You is an apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit that addresses youth and stimulate the personal development of them through art, culture, history, sports and creativity. Be You opens its doors to all who wish to participate actively in the realization of our purposes.

We support the development of young people!

Be You 3x3 Challenge is one of the most important 3x3 international basketball tournaments in Romania.

Our most complex event so far, with more than 700 people involved is getting into the fever of preparations.

Stay close for news!

Do you want to get involved with us? Fill the form below or give us a sign to the phone number 0737842244 or email

Support Be You Association


Donate directly to the account of the association Be You, CIF 35276581:

RO38BTRLRONCRT0325795201 - Ron

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Make up on 25 may 2018 2% forms if you are an employee, pfa, etc. - details HERE.


Choose to get involved with us by sponsoring the Association Be You with 20% of the tax of the firm - details HERE.


Via PayPal, quickly and securely with a credit card:

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