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Susținem proiectele tinerilor!


Training Course

We are all United!


Arrival 5th of October - Departure 11th  of October

Kobuleti, Georgia


Countries: Romania, Belgium, Croatia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey.
Location: Kobuleti, Georgia

The project  "We are all United" will be held in Kobuleti, Georgia. During 7 days, 30 Partcipants whose sending organization provided interest in the topic will gather and will work in international teams.


"We are all United" is an Erasmus+ project Training course aiming to cover, explore, discuss and deal with integration related challenges linked to the refugees flows. Creating network of the civic organizations working or willing to work in the field, promote new tools and methodology among youth workers and NGO workers in order to strengthen the integration and peace building process in the global community is the main feature of the project.

Target group:

Training course "We are all United"  is for youth-workers, trainers, representatives of NGO sector, Decision makers. The priority will be given to the participants having personal experience linked to the migration process, active youth workers who works for concrete target group and youth with fewer opportunities, migrants, refuges educational, economical, social, geographical point of view.

According to the project aim and objective, minimum age to participate is 18 years.


The activities will be implemented with non formal education methods during the Training Course such as: group works, video productions, role play games, etc.

The venue and accommodation

Training Course is organized in Kobuleti (

Participants of the Training Course will stay at the hotel in Kobuleti - a resort of the Black Sea.


Address: D. Agmashenebeli 322, Kobuleti, Georgia

The participants will be accommodating in the rooms with 2-3 beds, the toilets, air-conditioners and shower- baths are in all rooms of the hotel. Each participant will have separate bed. Towels, bed-linen is provided.

Medical safety:

The project venue will be provided with first-aid kit, so an immediate medical treatment can be provided right away if some medical problems suddenly appear.


Each participant must have  health  insurance. The cost of insurance is not funded.


The breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided at the hotel. The participants must inform us forward about their dietary (vegetarian, don’t eat a pork etc) or any specific needs.

Transportation (Maximum amount which will be refund)

Romania: 275 Euro

What to bring

  • Flyers, brochures, promotional materials, etc, to present your organization to other participants;
  • Drinks and food from your country and region and any other items that may will help you to present your country during the intercultural evening;
  • Health insurance documents;
  • Medicines, which you need to get regularly;
  • All invoices, tickets and boarding passes related to your travel.


Currency in Georgia: Lari (GEL), 1 Lari = 100 Tetri

Exchange rate is approximately (today): 1 USD = 2.40 GEL 1 EURO = 2.80 GEL

None from the currencies will not be accepted in the trade centers, cafe, pub, restaurant or by the taxi except of GEL. Exchange of money is accessible as at the airport, also in Kobuleti.


You may check the current weather forecast at the following link:

Contact Info:

Romania:  Asociatia Be You –

Belgium:  Groep INTRO vzw -

Georgia:   Youth Center of Georgia  -

Armenia:  Armenian Progressive Youth -


Croatia: Udruga mladih Spirit of Freedom Hrvatska -

info: /

Etapele de selecție și confirmare a participanților în proiectul Erasmus+ din Kobuleti, Georgia s-au încheiat. În spiritul tematicii proiectului ne-am dorit să formăm o echipă puternică, multietnică și multiculturală provenită din diverse zone ale țării.

Echipa Be You:
Izolda Fehér - Sălaj
Matei Oproiu - Târgoviște
Valentina Hozit - Bacău
Raabis Ștefan Bădiță - Galați
Angelica Moisescu - București

Mulțumim tuturor celor care au aplicat și îi felicităm pe cei selectați!

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Meda Park, susținător al Asociației Be You

Ieșind din sfera economică, responsabilitatea socială a companiilor se distinge prin acte de filantropie și implicare activă în viața socială a comunității în care acestea își desfășoară activitatea. Spiritul filantropic și responsabilitatea socială a companiei Meda Park se concretizează în comunitate și prin sprijinul acordat asociației Be You sponsorizând turneele de baschet ce au ca scop promovarea unui stil de viață sănătos, a sportului și lupta cu statistica ce ne arată că 60% DIN POPULAȚIA ROMÂNIEI nu practică NICIODATĂ sport sau activitate fizică și că în țara noastră mai sunt DOAR 12.474 de ELEVI SPORTIVI LEGITIMAŢI. De asemenea, Meda Park are o importantă contribuție în proiectele educaționale și de dezvoltare personală realizate de asociația noastră..

Mulțumim Meda Park pentru sprijin și implicare!