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Be You 3x3 streetball - fiba 3x3 word tour

Be You 3x3 Challenge - FIBA 3x3 World Tour

Fiba 3x3 Event

51 teams, over 100 matches, 2 days of competition, over 200 players, 7 countries, 3 continents - these are the numbers of Be You 3x3 Challenge 2017. This year's edition showed the true power of sport, overcoming any cultural, racist, ethnic, linguistic, age and social differences. For two days, the basketball court in Târgovişte at Complexul Turistic de Natație has turned into a place of multiculturalism and diversity that hosts players from Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, United States, Syria and China. A special category of this tournament was represented by the wheelchair basketball players who have shown that their will always win and that sport is for everyone.

The first day of the tournament was dedicated to man basketball, the players gave all the best to qualify in the higher stages at -18 and Open Men. On Sunday, each category went into the arena and match after match the game headed for the final. Spectacular matches, pleasant atmosphere and new friendships.

We would like to thank to our main sponsor Meda Park for this event and to our partners: Dâmboviţa Red Cross, FIBA ​​3x3.

We would like to express our special thanks to the volunteers and our friends who joined us giving time and energy to make this tournament unfold in optimal conditions.

The winners of the tournament were:


Place 1- Make și Prietenii - Marian Georgescu, Paul Helcioiu, Adrian Lazarescu, Horea-Mircea Radu - Bucharest.
Place 2 - Preabericiți Targoviste - Eduard Cârstea, Corvin Ion Diaconescu, Mircea Daniel Lupasc.


Place 1 - Basketbees Brasov - Ioana David, Alexia Frâncu, Dalia Bucur, Ioana Iles.
Place 2 - Bad Girlzz - Bucharest - Mitu Alexia, Sirbu Ruxandra, Vacaru Andreea, Daria.


Place 1 - Nutcrackers - Rareş Cristea - Focşani, Octavian Cioruţă - Focşani, David Antonescu - Focsani, Alexandru Duţă - Galati.
Place 2- Swish - Bucharest - Mishi Lihatchi, Patrascu Alexandru, Rafael Stamatoiu, Thommy Edmond.
Place 3 - Team Harden - Bucharest - Niculescu Andrei-Iulian, Ionut Oniţoiu, Petre Paul Gabriel, Radu.


Place 1 - Street Devils - Ziemer Zachary - Bucharest, Stefan Idea - Curtea de Arges, Alexandru Cana - Bucharest, Vlad Ionescu - Bucharest.
Place 2 - Niște Necunoscuți Bucharest - Vishan Hara Luca, Ionescu Victor, Mihai Maciuca, Rares Sava.
Place 3 - Let The 3's Rain - Stoil Aladzhov - Bulgaria, Mihai Eremia - Ploiesti, Minte Stoin - Bulgaria, Sorin Grigore - Ploiesti.


Place 1 - Flying Wheels - Ene Petre - Pucioasa, George Catalin Petrosanu - Ploiesti, Florin Teodorescu - Bucharest.
Place 2 - Marian Pârvu - Targoviste, Paul Vishan-Targoviste, Kiss Zoltan - Ploiesti.


Place 1 - Plopu lu Kiwo - Andreea Iuliana Ciausi - Bucharest, Ariana Andreea Padurariu - Targoviste, Theo Dumitru - Targoviste, Roxana Bucur - Targoviste.
Place 2 - AllStar Targoviste - Sonia Miloiu, Samira Stan, Teodora Capanu, Diana Țerban.
Place 3 - AgroSquad Bucharest - Sonia Vilcinschi, Alexandra Chitanu, Alexandra Anghel, Mihaela Chelariu.


Place 1 - Estea - Estonia - Illimar PilK, Heigo Erm, Evart Kristjan.
Place 2 - Get It And Go - Robert Foster - United States, Radu Mihai Buhlea - Bucharest, Ciprian Dragusin - Bucharest, Jan Van Groningen - Netherlands.
Place 3 - Let The 3's Rain - Bulgaria - Stoil Aladzhov, Dimitar Dimitrov, Mintev Stoin.

Be You 3x3 streetball - meda park


Consiliul Judetean Dambovita - Be You 3x3 Challenge


Complexul Turistic de Natație - Be You 3x3 Challenge
Primăria Municipiului Târgoviște - Be You 3x3 Challenge
Complexul Național Muzeal Curtea Domnească Târgoviște - Be You 3x3 Challenge
FIBA 3x3 word tour - Be You 3x3 Challenge

3x3 Basketball at superlative in Targoviste in the event organized with the support of our sponsor Meda Park and our partners:  C.J. Dambovita, Târgovişte Municipality, Tourist Complex Targoviste, Dâmboviţa Red Cross, Sport Arena and FIBA 3x3. The first day was dedicated to men's basketball. They played from morning  to night, giving all the best to qualify in the upper group at -18 and Open Men categories. HERE THE COMPLETE ALBUM OF THE FIRST DAY.

The second day of the international competition BE YOU 3x3 CHALLENGE started with the small and Open Feminine categories, continuing in the first half with the quarter-finals at -18 and Open Men. After hiding the heat for several hours, we returned to the basketball courts with the semifinals and finals in all categories of the competition. Spectacular basketball, music and new friendships. HERE THE COMPLETE ALBUM OF SUNDAY .

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