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Discover Your Future with Networking (DIY Network)


Project description

Project aims to contribute to increase the capacity of youth workers from Europe to tackle with the problem of economic and social integration of young people. Especially after the EU Sovereign Debt Crisis in 2008, the unemployment rate of young people and recent graduates is at the highest point in the history. When it is examined normal unemployment rates are at their normal state however young people and recent graduates are greatly suffering from the unemployment. One of the reasons for their higher unemployment rate is their networks and networking skills. Studies show that nearly 50% of the job opportunities are not published, only those who have a decent network can access this opportunities.

A training designed for this specific topic with a duration of 8 days (+2 days for travel) will be conducted in Istanbul / Turkey. Training activity will also include workshops, debates, field works, study visits, role playing activities, energizers. With this project, it is aimed that the youth workers will gain necessary skills in the area of networking to help/train/guide young people and make them integrated into the society, business and social life.


Participants profile

5 participants  per partner organization aged over 18 with good communication, cooperation and socialization skills, with initiative spirit and willing to personal development, to acquire new knowledge, skills and abilities, with good English language skills (minimum conversational level), interested in the project topic and able to participate in dissemination activities unfold in the local community.



Kartal / İstanbul



23 February-04 March



The Grand Mira Business Hotel: . Training will be organized in the hotel & meals will be organized near hotel.



Travel expenses covered by the project at maximum: 275 euro.


We will have with us in project:

  • Silvia Alexandra Șargan

  • Lucian Gabriel 

  • Sonia Georgiana Miloiu

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