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Active Citizenship - Final Conference - 14 January, Valahia Hotel


#ActiveCitizenship, the second #Erasmus+ project coordinated in Romania by Be You Association has come to its end and we wish to relive with you the most important project moments, proposing that the theme of active citizenship to become a goal to fight together for. ..Details


Be #ActiveForEurope - 6 December 2018


Come to discuss the above topics together with participants in ”Active Citizenship” Erasmus+ project and find out how to get involved more actively in the campaign #Thistimeimvoting and how you can help to build the future of Romania and of European Union.


No hate - March 2, 2018

The beginning of spring always brings good thoughts and light to our souls. The spirit of the spring was marked by the Be You Association through the "No Hate" workshop organized at the Constatin Carabella National College,Targoviste, which involved 35 people, high school students, teachers and participants in the Erasmus The Power of Words project. The workshop was part of a series of project dissemination events…DETAILS


Without verbal violence, 30 January 2018, National College Constantin Cantacuzino Targoviste

We missed you guys!

The first meeting with the students from this year we will have tomorrow at the National College ”Constantin Cantacuzino” Targoviste.

Human violence is a complex phenomenon, which is based on the determinations of the psychological, social, cultural and economic. It is encountered in each environment in its different forms, altering the relationships between people and leading to repercussions that affect the entire society. One of the environments in which it manifests itself frequently, masked under different forms, hard or easy recognizable, is the school. The statistics are alarming from this point of view, school violence, imposing itself increasingly more into the focus of contemporary society. January 30 - International Day of non-violence in School is a day which aims to fight against this phenomenon, to promote the idea of educating students in harmony, solidarity, respect and tolerance. On this day, the project Ersmus+ ”The Power of Words” of the Association Be You will reach the National College ”Constantin Cantacuzino” Targoviste, where we held the workshop ”Without verbal violence” which has as its purpose the prevention of the aggressiveness and verbal violence, finding together with the students, methods of mitigation and combating of this phenomenon....DETAILS


Stop,Think And Move On, 7 - 16 April 2018, Duzce, Turkey

With all that the values are precious, it seems that all these traditional values are gradually disappearing in the contemporary world, and cultural heritage suffer damage caused by the passage of time. Thus, the project aims to develop the skills and competences of young people for the protection, preservation and transmission of cultural heritage to future generations...DETAILS


Eat Healthy, Live Healthy - 24 - 29 April. Pendik, Turkey

Project “Eat Healthy, Live Healthy” is a project developed in collaboration with the Municipality of Pendik in Turkey. City hall Pendik carries out projects through which it wishes to ensure a healthy life of young people with the help of the ”Center for Healthy Life” Pendik which provides services in 2014.

Young people influenced by the technological progress spend increasingly more time in front of the computer, which leads to inactivity and an unhealthy lifestyle. Project “Eat Healthy, Live Healthy” is aimed at young people aged between 12-18 years and aims to promote healthy habits of food and the transformation of sport into a lifestyle for these young people...DETAILS


Social Terapy, 5 - 10 May 2018, Cagliari, Italy

The project "Social Therapy," will take place in Cagliari, Italy. The course of Taining "Social Therapy" is aimed at the development of a cooperation sustainable between organisations working in the field of social inclusion by promoting the development of skills and competences of youth workers and by supporting the development of youth workers in the field of social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities and in the rehabilitation of young people with disabilities...DETAILS


Sport and global education, second edition, from 22 to 29 may 2018, Ireland

The project "Sports and Global Education" will be held in Ireland in may 2018. The project is addressed to youth workers and has in view the conduct of sports activities and interactive discussions strongly influenced by the experiential learning model. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to adapt sports activities to address social issues current.

The course objectives of the training are:

To address and discuss current challenges in the sport;

To demonstrate the adaptability of sporting activities;

To provide the space necessary for youth workers to develop their own activities through which to address global issues;

To highlight current initiatives and sports projects which address these issues....DETAILS



The annual conference of the European Institute of Romania, December 13, Bucharest


Meda Park Winter Cup 2017, 9 - 10 December, Targoviste



Tolerance and Sport, 9 December - Targoviste



Study visit at Brussels, 26 - 29 November


Gala Youth Targoviste 2017, November 24, Targoviste


Promoters for european democracy 2017 - the final Conference, 9 - 10 November, Bucharest


The Power of Words, 20-29 October, Aninoasa/Targoviste

One of the challenges of today's society is hate speech. This type of speech is attacking a person or group of persons on the basis of attributes related to religion, ethnicity, beliefs, etc. To fight against this speech, Association the Be You hosted the Erasmus+ project "The Power of Words", project financed from european funds, which was held in the period 20-29 October 2017, at Aninoasa and Târgovişte, Dâmboviţa county...DETAILS


We are all United, 5 - 11 October, Kobuleti, Georgia

"We are all United," was a training course with the aim to fly, to explore, to discuss the integration of refugees and migrants and finding ways of solving the challenges of refugee flows. The creation of networks of civic organizations that work or want to work in the field, to promote new tools and methodologies among youth workers and NGO workers, in order to strengthen the integration and consolidation of peace in the global community...DETAILS


NEETs to work, soft skills to employability, 2 - October 10, Soure, Portugal

The project "NEETs to work soft skills to employability" was aimed at the development of skills and knowledge workers tinet about the dynamics of the labour market to help young NEETs to increase their chances of employment. Thus, the course of training proposed:

  • to increase the level of knowledge, skills and attitudes of youth workers in the sphere antrepenoriatului and the labour market;

  • to provide youth workers tools necessary in promoting labour market inclusion of disadvantaged young people, especially young NEETs;

  • to strengthen the links between youth workers and the labour market by deepening knowledge related to the recruitment of employees;

  • developing a sense of entrepreneurship of the youth workers with the help of ' s CANVAS;

  • increasing the employability and prospects in the career of young people and youth workers...DETAILS


Mobility+ Youth, 15-17 September, Targoviste

Association Be You hosts during the period 15-17 September 2017 workshop Mobility+ Youth. Workshop Mobility+ part of the training offer of ANPCDEFP for organizations or eligible institutions and is supported by members of the network of trainers Erasmus+. The workshop is dedicated to the development of mobility projects in the framework of the European programme for education, training and youth, Erasmus+, Youth...DETAILS


Sports, education, health, August 9, Târgovişte


Human rights, August 1, Targoviste

As we know more about human rights so we can avoid situations in which they violate and we can fight for their defense. It's a tremendous joy that young people show interest in this theme and participated with dear to the workshop human Rights. The activity was held in the non-formal setting, the theme being in-depth through interactive discussions, debates,team work, games, social networking,energizing, sharing of experience and artistic expression whereas young people accounted for by drawing human rights.

The workshop is part of the Be You 3x3 Challenge Targoviste 2017 and accounted for dissemination of the results of the project "Human Rights for You and Me" in Portugal, Soure what took place in the period 19-27 July 2017…DETAILS


Be You 3x3 Challenge 2017, July 29-30

51 teams,over 100 matches, 2 days of competition, over 200 players, 7 countries, 3 continents - these are the figures Be You 3x3 Challenge 2017 July 29-30 2017. The edition of this year has shown the true power of the sport, passing over any cultural difference, racial, ethnic, linguistic, age and social status. For two days, the basketball court was transformed into a place of multiculturalism and diversity by hosting players from Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, the Netherlands, the United States, Syria and China...DETAILS


Multiculturalism and diversity through sport, 28 July

I started the series of events of non-formal education in project Be You 3x3 Challenge with the workshop "Multiculturalism and diversity through sport" and "Stop radicalisation, basketball 3x3 as an example" organized on 28 July. Followed on august 1 workshop human Rights and we will end the project on august 9, with workshop Sports, education, health.A complex project, the ec has addressed the topical issues for young people and society and he promoted the sport as a beneficial way of party has free time and as a way to combat social problems.... DETAILS


Stop radicalisation, basketball 3x3 as an example, 28 July

I started the series of events of non-formal education in project Be You 3x3 Challenge with the workshop "Multiculturalism and diversity through sport" and "Stop radicalisation, basketball 3x3 as an example" organized on 28 July. Followed on august 1 workshop human Rights and we will end the project on august 9, with workshop Sports, education, health.A complex project, the ec has addressed the topical issues for young people and society and he promoted the sport as a beneficial way of party has free time and as a way to combat social problems...DETAILS


Active vacation July 17-august 9

How do you spend your vancața? Are you ready for our challenge? I hear a YES?... then come join us and spend a few hours of the holiday through non-formal learning activities, socializing, fun and unforgettable moments. In the period 17 July – 9 august we organize in the framework of the project Be You 3x3 Challenge, 4 workshops that are aimed at improving the skills of networking, communication and the acquisition of new knowledge and beautiful experiences. Complete the registration form...DETAILS


Human Right for You and Me, 19 - 27 July, Soure, Portugal


Bacau Streetball Challenge, 15 - 16 July

During our girls tournaments basketball 3x3 is an impressive one. A new stage of the circuit of the world basketball FIBA 3x3 Word Tour, new victories for the AllStar Targoviste. At Bacau, our team participated in two categories, obtaining the first place of the podium in the category under 18 years and becoming vice-champion in the category of seniors, Open...DETAILS


Baneasa Bucharest, 30 June - 2 July, Bucharest

AllStar Targoviste, the team of the Association Be You, after a truly fabulous that he had beaten all the teams encountered, gets a new title of champion in the category female under 18 years...DETAILS


Opportunities the EU for young people, 23 more

23, 2017 - the Events of our association have continued today at the National College Constantin Carabella Targoviste with the seminar "Opportunities of the EU for young people"...DETAILS


Diversity in the european context, 23 more

23, 2017 - the Events of our association have continued today at the National College Constantin Carabella Targoviste with the seminar "Opportunities of the EU for young people". Among the young people attending the activities were counted and secondary school students that have expressed interest in the topics addressed....DETAILS


The painting of the European Union, 19 may

Workshop "The European Union" organized by the Association Be You united to the Museum of Printing and Old books Romanian students and teachers at the School of Arte Balasa Doamna Targoviste, Colegiul National Vlademir Streinu Gaesti who joined the students at the Theological Seminary of St. John chrysostom, the high School Prince Mircea, National College Constantin Cantacuzino and the School I. Of. Bratescu Voinesti. At the opening of the event, we were honored with the presence of ms. Monica Ilie, deputy mayor of the municipality of Targoviste, which delighted the audience...DETAILS


Career guidance, 16 may

The program "career Guidance" organized by the Association Be You has come to an end after its development in the period march-may 2017, with the students of the Theoretical Lyceum Petru Cercel Targoviste. Career guidance is a pilot program aimed at supporting young people faced with the current challenges that they face in their choice of future studies and of the road in your career...DETAILS


The institutions of the European Union, 12 may

Workshop "the Institutions of the European Union" - the European Union is a special union of several states that have put a part of their sovereignty jointly for the proper functioning of this union. The core of the decision-making process is the Parliament, the Council and the European Commission. Whereas the decisions taken at the european level have influences on us, we wonder how it has held ...DETAILS


3x3 League, Bucharest

Our team, AllStar Targoviste debuted at the 3x3 League Romania, first championship 3x3 basketball in our country. Even if none of the components of the team do not have more than 17 years, their participation was a successful one ending the championship on the podium, 3rd place is more than an honor for the kids entered in the competition with teams with more experience...DETAILS


Europe day, 9 May

We all know that 9 may is Europe day...let's celebrate it differently!

This year's 9 carries the steps in the past, in the 1950s and puts us in the role of those who have decided to take birth to the European Union...DETAILS


Workshop Mobility +, 7 - 10 April 2017, Brasov

I participated with great joy at the Workshop Mobility +, which was held in Brasov in the period 7-9 April. The workshop provided a favourable framework for the development of the skills of writing projects and understanding of the Erasmus programme on which I will capitalize in the organization.


Career guidance, 7 April

Our project Guidance in career just past the third date. It was a meeting extremely useful in which young people have learned how important details are in our way to success. They have learned how to present themselves, how to develop their skills and passions at school.... DETAILS


European democracy in Action, 5 - 7 April Bucharest, Information Office of the European Parliament

I kicked off the project's Promoters for european democracy'. In the period 5-7 April in Bucharest, I met the young promoters in the country, we talk about Europe and european democratic values, preparing the next stage of the project.


Results of applications for Erasmus+, 2 April 2017

A new partnership Erasmus+ programme of the Association Be You start from 1 May 2017. In the framework of the project will have a mobility between 19 and 27 July which will be held in Soure, Portugal...DETAILS


Not Radicalisation! March 28

We held the second workshop with students of the Lyceum Petru Cercel Targoviste. We enjoyed enormously the fact that the students came on their own initiative, they liked the status of the mood created through games and activities, and at the end very many of them wanted the continuation of the workshops...DETAILS


Diversity and Multiculturalism, March 27th

Europe consists of the union of the various nations composed of people who have different personalities, different lifestyles. We are unique as a people and distinguish ourselves from other cultures, but...DETAILS


Career guidance, march 24, 2017

Harnessing the talents and skills is the key to a successful career. However, to reap the fruits of success skills and the skills you have brought to fruition and supported with effort...DETAILS


Promoters for european democracy 2017, 20 march

I've been selected between the 30 ”Promoters for european democracy 2017”. Watch our website and page Facebook to find out what events we will organize in this quality!



We support the projects of young people! Promote the sport! 17 February

I made a visit to the School "Ion Haralambos" of Valea lungă, Dâmboviţa where I wanted to meet the professor Romeo Sebastian Manica, a Man about whom a partner and friend of our association has told us wonderful things. The involvement of his doesn't just stop at the hours of sport set out in the syllabus, it manages to attract students in extracurricular activities which we coordinate with a lot of passion. The band of folk dances coordinated by the professor is already well known, but it is not enough for him. In the discussion telling us that he is disappointed to see the sports fields in the common blank, that he wants to populate with children again, being aware of the importance of sport, the movement for the harmonious development of the physically and intellectually. He told us about the projects to set up a football team and one basketball, but he stated, and difficulties in persuading the children to leave the internet in favor of the sport. Being sure that the ambition, the perseverance, the passion and tact of the lord teacher will win, together with our partner we decided not to go with empty-handed on this visit, but with gifts intended to support it in its efforts to develop the sport juvenile in the Valley Long.... DETAILS


Session writing projects, 5 January - 2 February 2017

Successful projects require planning and preparation ahead of time, so I started the year 2017 with the preparation of projects and partnerships.

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