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All for Democracy


Erasmus+ Youth Exchenge



Research demonstrate that young people are the largest segment of society with a great potential for changes at all society levels, they can assure the continuity of democracy. Thereby, civic engagement and youth participation to civic life is essential for the good functioning of society, democracy and rule of law. Unfortunately, according statistics youth participation to democratic life, to European elections is very low representing a real concern because of its consequences. The lack of civic participation threatens the democratic regimes from Europe, rule of law, justice and the separation of powers in state, favors the alienation and isolation, especially of southern and eastern European countries from the European Union.
The aim of the project is to stimulate youth participation to elections at all levels, European, national and local level, to foster youth civic engagement in society making them active and responsible citizens.



  • To increase the level of knowledge, skills and aptitudes of youth in the field of democracy and youth participation;

  • To raise awareness of young people about the importance of participation to civic life and elections;

  • To promote youth participation to elections at European, national and local level;

  • To encourage youth to be active citizens and motivate them to participate to civic life;

  • To provide participants with methods and ideas to foster involvement in civil society;

  • To increase knowledge about decision making process at European and national level;

  • To create video campaigns in order to promote youth participation to civic life.




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