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Be You 3x3 Challenge 2019


powered by Meda Park

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The fourth edition Be You 3x3 Challenge powered by Meda Park is very close to start. More spectacular than ever, the competition will be at Piata Tricolorului in the center of Targoviste, the old Capital City of Romania. All players will receive at check-in the official T-shirt and cap of the tournament and 2 liters of water per day of competition. Man-Open and Woman-Open categories will play matches on 20 and 21 July. The tournament unfolds on the new official court FIBA 3x3 - Enlio.


Here are 10 reasons for that you shouldn’t miss the tournament:


  1. Attractive prizes, where we mention the fact that the main sponsor of the tournament, Meda Park Company, decided to award the top three places at Man Open and Man -18 categories. A rare thing in other tournaments. So the prizes are: MAN-OPEN - 1ST PLACE – 4000 LEI, 2ND PLACE – 1200 LEI, 3RD PLACE – 800 LEI. MAN -18 - 1ST PLACE – 1600 LEI, 2ND PLACE – 400 LEI, 3RD PLACE – 200 LEI. Cups, medals and diplomas to the other categories.
  2. The players love 3x3 basketball and dozens of teams are eagerly waiting to start the registrations.
  3. Three full days with a minimum budget. Targoviste has welcoming people, touristic objectives to visit, aqua park, modern zoo, restaurants, pubs, clubs and many other places where you can spend the time with a very low budget and a dream atmosphere. You will have a weekend full of basketball and fun in the Old Capital City of our country without emptying your pocket…come with your girl friend/ boy friend, friend or family to support you.
  4. Over 200 participants from the youngest to the adults, girls and boys will play 3x3 basketball at Be You 3x3 Challenge between 19-21 July 2019, so the fun starts Friday morning with the youngest and will last until ending Sunday evening when the winners will be appointed.
  5. International participation in the fight for FIBA 3×3 points that counts for qualifications to Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. In our competition, beside Romanian teams from all over the country, teams from abroad announced their participation. The sport show will be unmissable.
  6. Between matches you can relax with the hydro-bike on the lake of Chindia Park or visiting the modern and impressive Zoo. You can not miss to visit the Royal Court, to admire the city from Chindia Tower or visite the place where the Communist dictator Ceausescu found his end. You can lay in the sun, you can swim and get on the water slides at our Aqua Park - Complexul Național de Natație Târgoviște. The evenings in Târgoviste are wonderful, even you choose the restaurants placed on the Old Center, around the Royal Court or the clubs, the fun and the pleasant atmosphere will accompany you everywhere;
  7. Event format that never gets you bored – the matches are dynamic and the victories are quickly decided after 10 minutes of play – show. The spectators can enter any time on the court to take part  in competitions dedicated to them…of course,  with prizes for winners;
  8. The show is completed by music, dance and special guests;
  9. You become acquainted with the new Olympic discipline… 3X3 BASKETBALL;
  10. You will support the building of a Multifunctional Youth Centers where all young people, from all over Europe, will find a place where non-formal education is like at home.



Are you eager to register? – prepare your team and stay with eyes on us and FIBA’s site…the places are limited, hurry up!


Are you a talented young artist? – here is your place….let us know and we will promote you in our events.


Do you have a profit company – 20% of your company's tax may support our events…you are promoted next to the most dynamic youth and sport organization, you gain the respect of the community because you represent a socially responsible company and you gain personal satisfaction delighted that you made these events possible and a part of your tax is really visible.


Meda Park, Enlio, Hebei Hongkang Sports Equipment, FIBA 3x3, Saioda, AllPromotion already joined us.


What are you going to do?

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