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3500 Lei the big prize to Open Men category

1600 Lei the prize to -18 Men category

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6 events and non-formal workshops on topics such as active citizenship, sport and global education with international participation

3x3 basketball in wheelchair

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- Terms and conditions of participation -

 In order that our tournament to offer you a beautiful experience and the maximum points in the FIBA ranking we decided to make some changes to the conditions of participation to Be You 3x3 Challenge 2018.

Because the absenteeism and superficiality of those who are not really passionate of this beautiful sport affects organizational work, and deprives players of precious points in the FIBA ranking and of the satisfaction to play all the scheduled games, we have decided to introduce a minimum donation that discourages fictitious registrations.

With the help of this donation, we will fund non-formal education activities and we will support financially young people with fewer opportunities across all the country who will participate in international projects organized by Be You Association.

Eligibility conditions for players to Be You 3x3 Challenge 2018:

  • All players must have a validated account on  with all data completed;
  • Team registration must be validated by all players;
  • The team validation in the tournament will be made only after sending the donation of 40 Euro/team (-18, +35, Open). The donation will be made after the entries have been completed  (you will be notified by e-mail) to Be You Association's bank accounts opened at Banca Transilvania, SWIFT Code: BTRLRO22, RO85BTRLEURCRT0325795201-Euro. Player will have free access to the main touristic objectives and leisure facilities in Targoviste. Teams outside the county will benefit from the support of a volunteer on request in order to provide them the most beautiful experience throughout the tournament;
  • Team members who are not present at the game time with at least 3 eligible players to play, will have the right to participate in the next tournament organized by Be You Association where they want to register (no matter the team composition they are going to play) only after paying a penalty of 50 euro / player;
  • The tournaments organized by Be You Association focus on fair-play, non-formal education, encourage sports as a factor in maintaining physical and mental health, encourage direct socialization, using sport as a tool to reduce social problems and create bridges between all participants (organizers, partners, players, spectators). For this reason, we will not tolerate any unsportsmanlike behavior. These deviations from the scope of the tournament will be handled by officials and people who have caused such acts will be excluded from the Be You 3x3 Challenge community;
  • A player has the right to play in a single category;
  • U15 and U18 players are not accepted in Open categories;
  • At U18 categories are not accepted U15 players;
  • After the completion of team registration and validation period, changes can not be made to the composition of the teams except exceptional circumstances (proven injuries with medical records, force majeure situations that can be proved with documents);
  • The introduction of additional categories will be done by a request sent to  e-mail address.

Eligibility conditions of categories at Be You 3x3 Challenge 2018:

  • U15 and +35 categories are declared eligible if minimum 4 teams will be registered;
  • Open Men and U18 Men categories are declared eligible if minimum of 12 teams will be registered for each category;
  • Open Women category is declared eligible if minimum 8 teams will be registered;
  • To establish other categories than the above, please make a request which contains a persuasive motivation at e-mail address.

All players, by accepting the registration to the tournament claim that they have read, understand, accept, and comply with this document, the acceptance of participation being similar to the signing of this document and declares that:

  1. I understand that there are risks of my participation to Be You 3x3 Challenge 2018 competition;
  2. By this statement, I am discharging of any liability that may arise as a result of my injury and / or loss of material property by theft or other methods, the organizers of the competition (Be You Association), members, volunteers, and other people who are part of the organizing committee. I also discharge Be You Association partners / sponsors involved in the organization of Be You 3x3 Challenge 2018 competition;
  3. Also, by this statement, I agree that the competition organizers (Be You Association) to use all media images for the purpose of advertising and / or commercially during my participation to Be You 3x3 Challenge 2018 competition without requesting any kind of material advantage.  In this sense, I understand and agree that my image may be used in videos and advertising materials designed to promote this event (or related events) and / or the image of its sponsors, partners or organizers. I agree that my personal data may be processed by Be You Association in accordance with the competition Rules;
  4. I hereby declare that my state of health is adequate and allows me to participate to Be You 3x3 Challenge 2018 competition. I understand and agree that the organizers are not responsible in any way for any kind of injuries occurred during my participation to Be You 3x3 Challenge 2018. I also declare that I have read the FIBA Rules and that I have to respect it;
  5. I hereby declare that I have read, understand and agree with the provisions of the competition regulation, to comply to the decision of the organizers, whatever that may be, if it is found that I have committed acts of physical and / or verbal violence, indiscipline or any other act that damages the organizers of Be You 3x3 Challenge 2018 competition. I understand that such acts may lead to my temporary or permanent suspension of the competition.

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