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No hate - March 2, 2018

The beginning of spring always brings good thoughts and light to our souls. The spirit of the spring was marked by the Be You Association through the "No Hate" workshop organized at the Constatin Carabella National College,Targoviste, which involved 35 people, high school students, teachers and participants in the Erasmus The Power of Words project. The workshop was part of a series of project dissemination events.

Students were introduced into the non-formal atmosphere of the workshop through name games, knowledge and socialization activities. The workshop was opened by participants in the Erasmus project "The Power of Words" by sharing the experience, knowledge and skills gained. Further on, the theme of the workshop was addressed through teamwork, group discussions, free debates and brainstorming. Students have expressed their opinion about hate speech, hate speech and bullying, helping to fully define and understand these phenomena. Through imaginative games, young people have put themselves in the position of those who are aggressing and the aggressors to identify the causes that trigger these phenomena, but also the consequences they cause in the short, medium and long term. Young people also shared their life experiences by giving examples of cases where they faced these phenomena.

In the second part of the workshop, students used information from previous activities to create posters to creatively present methods to combat hate speech and bullying, especially in the school environment. The result obtained and the presentation of their ideas has shown that they care and are keen to take an attitude to reduce and combat these phenomen.

We have greatly enjoyed active involvement throughout the workshop, awareness of these phenomena, the courage to share our own experiences and the desire to have many similar activities.

The workshop ended with a festive moment in which I handed the diplomas for participation and presented the future opportunities offered by the Be You Association.

Here are some opinions of the participants:

"I enjoyed the most of talking with the people I met today, finding out different opinions and addressing the issue. It is interesting to discuss with other people the different issues of today. Together, people can solve any problem.” - Marian

"I loved the fact that the activities involved everyone, the interest in the subject and the free speech allowed. I very much appreciate that I was given the chance to face two fears: socializing and speaking in public.” - Nicoleta

"I enjoyed the most of the activity in which we imagined what it is like to be bullied and how it is to be the aggressor. The fact that everyone expressed their feelings about these events helped me to understand how others would go over these unpleasant events.” - Alexandra

"I enjoyed all the discussions in this activity very much. They were interactive and helped us to discover ourselves.” - Diana

"I liked the most that it was interactive and every person socialized with another person. We all shared a common interest in stopping hatred and bullying.” - Dan


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