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The Institutions of the European Union

On May 12, 2017, at the Petru Cercel High School in Targoviste, we had together with 30 students and teachers the workshop of the Institutions of the European Union. Through today's activities we have been pursuing responsibility for active involvement in the life of society, bringing them closer to how they can even take part in making decisions that decide their future. During this event the pupils understood the legislative system and the way the EU institutions function and how they can be involved in the legislative process (citizens' initiative, petitions, online EU consultations, etc.).

Non-formal can not be deprived of our activities, so we relaxed the atmosphere through energizing and capturing games. In order for the young participants to understand the theme of the workshop we chose the simulation of the decision-making process through which the power play was placed. Our young people have transposed the decision-makers and key actors of Parliament, the Council and the European Commission. Empowered with this role, the students had the task of bringing about new changes to the Erasmus + program over the 2020-2024 period. They have come in well and have generated a very interesting debate in which they found that making a decision at the European level involves many responsibilities and is not an easy task.

We ended the event in a relaxed atmosphere, with a smile on the lips, the European Citizenship Diploma festivity being a joyous occasion. We are convinced that the participants in today's workshop will become active citizens and involved in society.

We thank the participants for the beautiful words delivered through the feedback forms and for the messages to the European Parliament. A Career Material will contain the best messages to be presented to Romanian MEPs at the end of the project "Promoters for European Democracy".

The event organized by the Be You Association in partnership with the Petru Cercel Theoretical High School is part of the project "Promoters for European democracy" initiated by the European Parliament Information Office in Romania.

Ilona Balint

Promoter for European Democracy

Vice President of the Be You Association

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